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Posture Alignment Pain Relief!

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Give us a call. We will help you get out of pain.  Give us the chance of one Therapy session and we know you will see and feel the difference in the very first appointment.

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14618 Tyler Foote RD

Serving Grass Valley and Nevada City

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Body's Design Restored by functional Exercises

The body always remembers its design memory, so when you start changing the stimulus with exercises the body has no choice, it changes. The goal is to allow the body to return to its birthright, its design template, and it can because it never forgets the memory. All we're doing is providing the necessary stimulus by doing the exercises.

Uddhava (David) Ramsden 

Certified Posture Alignment Specialist by Egoscue University

Uddhava (David) Ramsden Egoscue Trained