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Posture Alignment Therapy - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Posture Alignment Therapy?

A therapy for improving your body’s posture alignment,  the key to a long term pain solution. Our therapy is a systematic way of addressing your body’s needs.

With Posture Alignment Therapy your unique posture and functional issues and abilities will dictate your therapy.  We use  techniques for restoring function and taking away the compensations that cause pain.

You will receive a program tailored specifically for you, to help address the fundamental issues preventing you from living a life free from pain and limitation. We help you understand why your body is working the way it currently is.

Is Posture Alignment Therapy only for those in pain?

No, clients include:

  • Professional and amateur athletes wanting to get in the best shape possible.

  • People wantingto avoid surgeries to spine, hips, knees, etc.

  • People rehabbing from various surgeries.

  • People of allages who come to us in pain and want to get their lives back.

  • People of allages seeking pain relief from issues such as scoliosis.

  • People of all ages seeking to improve their posture for health or aesthetic reasons.

Do I really have to do the exercises every day?

Yes, and no. Missing one or two days a week can slow your progress. Your central nervous system has developed specific muscle patterning to compensate for your dysfunctions. The motion that brought your body where you don’t want it is being fed everyday.

To achieve balance and to permanently change your body, it needs to be trained and reminded on a daily basis of the position you want it to be in and then stimulate those new muscle patterns on a daily basis.

How long must I do these exercises?

Most people find that if they commit to at least 40 min./day for 3 months, they will experience a significant change in alignment and function.  

After the 3 month time frame, a majority of clients chose to continue with a daily routine because of the continued benefits that they notice as a result.  Our clients describe that they "look forward" to these exercises because they make their body feel so much better.

Will my exercises make me sore?

Occasionally the exercises may cause some delayed muscle soreness as you begin to integrate new muscle patterning. Any soreness, however, should be that "good kind of soreness", like after a workout, and should quickly subside.

Your exercises should never cause your symptoms to increase. If that happens, contact your therapist for any appropriate menu adjustments. 

How do I learn the exercises you shown to  me in one session?

You'll receive full instructions for each and every exercise we do in your session in PDF format. If you have any questions between sessions, you are strongly encouraged to ask them via email or phone at no charge whatsoever.

How are these exercises different from other therapies?

The key difference in techniques is Posture Alignment Therapy addresses the entire body.  In addition, we utilize resting positions combined with gentle repetitions to activate or stimulate individual muscles in a very specific position and in a specific sequence. 

This allows a gradual re-education of the body so that restoration of alignment and movement occurs without excessive effort or force being applied.

Do I need special equipment for my home program ?

A foam block a yoga strap and perhaps a yoga mat.

Is there any "hands on" treatment involved in our therapy?

Our technique is designed to provide you with the "tools" to make permanent changes in the body.  This is not something that requires a "hands on" approach because we work with the model of "give what the body will take" and allow each person's response to guide the next step.

What does a session look like?

In the the first session, we'll be setting up exercises tailored to your specific issues. With this sequence of exercises, we'll be peeling back layers of dysfunction and compensation so that muscles that have been too tight can loosen up and muscles that haven't been working properly are nudged back into their proper function.

You receive one-on-one instruction to ensure you know what you're doing and why you're doing it

In subsequent sessions, we address questions and concerns that you have from doing your exercises at home, double-check you're doing all your exercises correctly, and make any changes to your menu of exercises based on the changes and improvements your body has already made.

Will I have to stop my current exercise routine?

In general, the more you move the better but we want to ensure your exercise programs are working to help build your postural integrity, not diminish it.

However, if you work on strengthening muscles when the joints are not in alignment, you basically are strengthening your dysfunction.  Our job is to help you "get straight" and then guide you to strengthen. We believe it makes sense to "straighten before you strengthen."

How long do appointments last?

Your first appointment will take approximately 1½ hours. Subsequent sessions will take approximately an hour.

Is Posture Alignment Therapy different from yoga?

Yes. We are big fans of yoga but Posture Alignment Therapy varies in several important ways. 

In a class environment, each attendee is given the same exercises or movements to perform, and they are not tailored to create specific postural responses but instead are designed for either general health or conditioning.

This is great, except a person in pain or experiencing functional limitation needs a more targeted approach that will address their specific issues.

With Posture Alignment Therapy your unique posture and functional issues and abilities will dictate your therapy. You will fine yoga postures more enjoyable.

I am going out of town and will not have time to do my menu?

Your therapist may be able to  construct a shorter menu that meets your body's motion needs to keep you moving forward in your therapy.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

f you need to cancel your appointment please give us a 48-hour notice. We know that “life” can get in the way and giving a 48-hour notice is not always possible, especially with emergencies.

Do you accept credit cards for payment?

We accept check or cash.

What is the cost of a therapy session?

The cost is seventy-five dollars for all Therapy session.

Our Convictions

  • You know more about your health that anyone in the whole world.

  • Your instincts will guide you if you listen to them.

  • The body has no design flaws.

  • Pain is merely a signal – the body’s voice. It should not be feared and will not if you are listening to your instincts.

  • Effective therapies treat the whole body as a unit.

  • Age is not the determining factor in health.

  • >Your attitude must be positive.

  • Thoughts unexpressed are detrimental to good health.

  • Which of these statements challenge your current beliefs?

  • Do you see any of your current beliefs that might be worth re-examining?

  • The more laws we violate, the faster we age and die.

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