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Posture Alignment - Muscles!

Muscles in Motion

Children Playing at different Sports

Muscles are like Motion Sponges

Muscles, use it or lose it. Muscles are like motion sponges, they soak up motion and expand, or in a motionless drought, they dry up. They consume oxygen-laden blood to support increased activity levels. No work no food. However the simple  act of flexing and relaxing the shoulder muscle provides enough motion to activate and strengthen the muscle.

Muscles are simple, they contract or twitch, when zapped by bioelectrical energy, a bundle of muscle fiber shortens in length.  One end is anchored to a relatively stationary bone and the other end to a more mobile bone. The shortening nature draws bones closer together. The overall design length remains roughly constant.

>Our muscles work in pairs, flexion pulls bones closer and extension pulls them apart. Its a tug of war between hopefully equal strength muscles. Some muscles main job is to stabilize joints to allow them to open and close smoothly.


Playing Soccer

Moving the Body

Muscular Pain is nothing more than a message sent by the nerves. We need to learn how to decode it! Moving the human body requires coordination and teamwork. All load bearing joints, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles and there attendant muscles are involved in walking. Moving the body requires the teamwork of each team member to have strength and be functionally able to do its assigned role.

Misalignment is the cause of dysfunctional muscles not doing their job, because lack of stimulus has made them bilaterally to strong, weak, loose or tight. This is what a postural alignment specialist sees in your alignment. Get a mirror and you can see it too.

Sitting at Desk with Poor Posture

Our Central Nervous System

The muscle is an organized collection of fibers with spindles and receptors strategically placed among them.  These spindles and receptors relay information to the central nervous system about our movement. If we have regular movement in a variety of motions the body can easily accommodate whatever the physical demands we placed on it.

However if our movement is constantly restricted by sitting, driving etc, when our muscles are asked to move in a position that is not normal, the spindles and receptors are caught by surprised and do not know how to make the movement.  So the Central Nervous systems warns the body to be careful. If the motion is too sudden or violent like a fall they trigger a stretch reflex, which orders the muscles to contract to protect itself. Its like touching a hot stove.

Student in School sitting at Desk

Stiffness is not because of our Poor Design

If we sit at a desk all year and suddenly decide to get active, we get stiff. The body doesn't understand that you have suddenly decide to get in shape. It still is trying to protect itself. The spindles and receptors have concluded that normal means sitting at a desk and it is now being push beyond its safe limits.

Body's Design  Restored by Posture Alignment Exercises

The body always remembers its design memory, so when you start changing the stimulus with exercises the body has no choice, it changes. The goal is to allow the body to return to its birthright, its design template, and it can because it never forgets the memory. All we're doing is providing the necessary stimulus by doing the simple exercises.

Uddhava (David) Ramsden Egoscue Trained

Uddhava (David) Ramsden 

Certified Posture Alignment Specialist by Egoscue University

You can't complain about chronic pain if you are not helping the situation. We've convinced ourselves that we're fragile and complicated, and because of that only experts can help us solve our problems. It's just not true.

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