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Posture Alignment - Alleviates Pain!

Return to a Pain Free, Active Lifestyle

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Personal Effort and Commitment

We are all different, but our common possession is the body's inner power to heal itself and become pain free. However it takes personal effort and commitment. It doesn't come from a pill bottle, a surgeon's knife, a brace, mattresses, chairs, or tools. Rediscover the joy and health that seemed to have been lost forever.

You won't need to buy special equipment or consult with experts, pain can be easily treated if the body is permitted to do its work.  It starts by understanding the simplicity and strength of the body's design. By rediscovering the body's design and allowing it to work as intended, many of the the disabling conditions can be reversed or avoided.


We have the Wisdom to Heal Ourselves

We our denying our responsibility when we blame the aching shoulder on tennis or "old age".  Become educated on your body needs, and take action. There's no drugs or surgery, machines, no miracles, Just You. A normal person doing normal things.

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The Cure- Managing Muscle Bone Movement

The cure comes down to eliminating or managing muscle bone movement. We are here in order to move! The body is a motion machine. Does it seem logical that the body would send us a message that we must limit our motion or stop moving altogether?

We need to stimulate those muscles that became dormant because of lack of move thus removing the compensations that cause pain. With simple E-cises  exercises you can begin to provide the body the motion it needs. You will be provide with a menu that will work in awakening your body to its design functions.

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Your Evaluation

Your posture is visible in our evaluation. We will be working together to access your alignment. We will use this evaluation as a starting point based on each individuals unique combination of strengths and limitations

A series of functional demand exercises are developed. These exercises are designed to address the muscular imbalances and dysfunctions leading to your structural deviations.

Our goal of our Therapy is to eliminate disparities that can occur when injuries or negative lifestyle conditions affect the musculoskeletal system by restoring balance and alignment.  You body takes a quantum leap in healing power, stamina and physical capability.

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Ability to get Well

We are not fragile, we're not overly complicated, and we do have all the abilities necessary to get well. You have two choices: you can change the stimulus or you can change the environment. Those are the only two choices you have!

Body's Design  Restored by functional Exercises<

Return your body to its birthright, its design template, and it can because it never forgets the memory. All we're doing is providing the necessary stimulus by doing the simple Posture Alignment exercises.

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Uddhava (David) Ramsden 

Certified Posture Alignment Specialist by Egoscue University

Uddhava (David) Ramsden Egoscue Trained