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Posture Alignment - Elbows, Wrist and Hands

Woman at Computer with hurt wrist

Carpal Tunnel syndrome is not caused by what we do with our elbows, wrists or hands, its caused by what we don't do.  By not engaging the shoulders, and by the "out of alignment" of our four load joints, our upper upper limbs and extremities are fighting a losing battle against pain.

Workplace tasks, aside from flagrantly unsafe, or inhuman practices are being unfairly blamed for causing injuries that are really symptoms of dysfunction. These conditions can be readily correct by any person willing to give the body the correct stimulus or motional nourishment.


Cause of Carpal Tunnel

The primary cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is the same as the cause of generic wrist and elbow pain.

Type with Your Shoulders

The more shoulder involvement in typing the better. Assist the muscles of the hand, wrist and forearm by engaging the upper back back muscles. Strike the keys forcefully - even though your touch typing teacher wouldn't approve. And don't pull the backs of your hands up and toward the wrists as you type; that obstructs the tendons.

Nurse putting on a wrist Brace

Danger of Wrist Braces

Like knee braces, wrist braces should be avoided. They can never fully immobilize the structure, only limit and change the nature of the movement. The new pattern is also driven by muscular dysfunction. Plus in the case of the wrist, the radius and ulna move in a different relationship to the humerus at the elbow joint. This isn't solving the problem its shifting it to the elbow.

In order to get well and stay that way, we must learn to be skeptical of any chronic pain treatment that narrowly focuses on the joint or area that is hurting. Always asked "the expert" what caused this pain or symptom?

Try This!

Scoot up close to your desk, bend your arms at the elbows to ninety degrees, and place the palms and wrists flat on the surface; let your back and shoulders slump forward. Raise your hands off the table and flex them back while keeping the wrists in place, and do that four or five times.

The muscular and mechanical work that produced this motion was probable being performed underneath the wrist, where there is so little room to maneuver the tendons are being rubbed raw. If you arch the back and pull your shoulders square the same action will shift to the upper end of your forearms where it belongs

Body's Design  Restored by functional Exercises

The body always remembers its design memory, so when you start changing the stimulus with exercises the body has no choice, it changes. The goal is to allow the body to return to its birthright, its design template, and it can because it never forgets the memory. All we're doing is providing the necessary stimulus by doing the simple exercises.

Uddhava (David) Ramsden Egoscue Trained

Uddhava (David) Ramsden

Certified Posture Alignment Specialist by Egoscue University

You can't complain about chronic pain if you are not helping the situation. We've convinced ourselves that we're fragile and complicated, and because of that only experts can help us solve our problems. It's just not true.

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